Monday, August 29, 2011

Introducing CAFE and Daily 5

This will be my second year implementing CAFE and my fourth using the D5 Framework.  Here are some of my key tips to get you going:
  • Sign up for the sisters "Tip of the Week."  Click here to sign up.  It's on the right hand side.
  • Start small and make it managable. 
    • Introduce "Read to Self" the first week, and practice Stamina
    • Introduce "Read to Someone" if you want and again practice it
      • The Sisters maintain that "Read to Someone" is not as important in upper grades as it is in primary.  If it's not something you want to implement, then don't!
    • Introduce "Work on Writing" and practice it
  • Do these seperate weeks to get comfortable and confident
  • Even now, I still use "The Daily 5" book when I'm teaching the procedures.  I use it as a resource and explain to my students that it's part of my tool kit to teach. Plus, I think it's important that students know that I use books and that I don't have answers to everything.
I don't do "Working With Words" or "Listen to Reading" in Fifth Grade.  I do lots of read alouds, and that's what I use as my "Listen to Reading."

If you're comfortable with your management, and want to start implementing CAFE, I suggest following the sisters plan in the appendix of the book.  It starts with 10 strategies.  It gives you a guide on how/when to implement the strategies.  Guess what?  Last year, I only did the first 10!  I didn't really start hitting CAFE under second semester.  Do what's right for you!

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  1. This is very helpful. I used the Daily 5 for two years in first grade and now that I am moving to 5th, I wasn't sure how to adapt it.