Saturday, August 27, 2011

Reading Log

After Reading Donalyn Miller's book  The Book Whisperer I decided to do a Reading Log for students to record the books they've read.  Their goal is to read 30 books - in Miller's book her sixth graders are asked to read 40.  I have two copies on a page, and I print them on a full page "Shipping Label."  The students then stick them inside their notebook.

My Reading Pledge
3 poetry anthologies
3 traditional literature
4 realistic fiction
2 historical fiction
2 fantasy
1 science fiction
2 mystery
2 informational
2 biography/autobiography/memoir
9 chapter books (Free choice)

I created a PowerPoint document that explains the genres as "My Reading Pledge."  Then, under it I wrote an example citation:
How to record your books

Title, Author, Genre, Pages, Rating

1.The Last Olympian, By Rick Riordan, Fantasy,  381 pages, 10/10
2.The Billionaire’s Curse, By Richard Newsome, Fantasy, 344 pages, 2/10
Finally, I made a tally chart that is printer on a shipping label that fits four to a page.  It looks like this:
3 Poetry Anthologies

3 Traditional Literature

4 Realistic Fiction

2 Historical Fiction

2 Fantasy

1 Science Fantasy

2 Mystery

2 Informational

2 Biography/
Autobiography/ Memoir

9 Chapter Books
 (Free Choice)

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