Monday, September 5, 2011

Math Groups...Oh My!

Well, it's done.  I've created my math groups, activities, and centers.  Best laid plans...  We'll see how it goes! Thanks to my partners-in-crime Alisan Clayton and Katie DeBoy - we worked together to get this up and going!

Here's what we've done:

Totally stole this from my colleague - Alisan Clayton.  At the top are my four stations:  "Mrs. Lawson," "SuccessMaker,"  "Fact Fluency & Games," and "Daily Skill Review."  The students are placed in four groups.  Keep your fingers crossed that these groups get along!

Click to see more of what Math Workshop looks like!

Here's Katie's organization:
This is Katies organization.  I wish I could turn my picture, sorry!  She put labels on cards, and put them in this pocket chart.  It doesn't take up as much room!

TASK CARDS - Goes with "Fact Fluency & Games"

Here are some "task cards" I found on  The creator is "unseen0001"  She makes many skill based task cards.  These task cards are previously introduced skills.  They will do with a partner.
If you click here it will take you to a post by Unseen0001 with a link to a PDF of all her task cards.  You need to be a member of Proteacher to open, but it is free.  It is a great website!

Fact Fluency
I found these Dry Erase Pockets in the School Speciality cataog.  I hope they are easy to use!
I've found multiplication and division worksheets, and students will use the dry erase pockets to practice their facts.
I've stored them all in this tote, students will pull out during stations.  I've also put dry erase erasers in there.

I've also placed a key of the worksheets in the tub, so students can self check.

My team also uses a DSR every day.  This is a standards based math (for Indiana) review.  We were able to get this from another school, which they created from scratch.  I don't feel comfortable sharing their work.  I think any type of review (Drops in Bucket, basal review, etc.) would be beneficial.  I will have a key ready for students, and they will work together on it in their groups.

Our corporation has bought a program that is called SuccessMaker.  It places each student at their level and goes through skills.  They are required to be on it 4-5 times a week.  Each session takes 15 minutes - so it's a natural fit for stations.

For my station, I will be teaching the main lesson in small groups.  I hope it goes well!

Wish me luck!  I hope to post pictures soon of this in action - and - an honest report on how it went!

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