Sunday, March 4, 2012

Test Motivators

This year to kick off ISTEP+ testing, my principal did a "Rock the Test" assembly for grades 3-5.  She invited a teacher's husband, Matt Call and a former Mayflower Mill student turned musician, Mike Kelsey.  They played a fun, motivating hour set.   Our kids really liked it!  We have banners in the main hall that say:  Rock the Test! 

Here are other motivator's you could do in your classroom:
  • a mint:  You are 'mint' to rock this test!
  • a starburst:  You're a rock star! 
  • a smartie:  Show how 'smart' you are as you rock the test!
  • a cookie:  You are one smart cookie!
There are a lot of other ideas online.  I have the parents of my students send in a sealed letter to wish them luck.  For the students who don't bring one, I make sure and provide on.  I got the idea from ProTeacher about 5 years ago and have done it ever since. 
Here's a link:  Letter to Parents for Motivating letter

To everyone who is starting standardized testing, otherwise known as "March Madness" in the education world:  Good luck! 


  1. Love those motivators! My 5th graders will love that come MAP testing in April!

  2. Do you have any more ideas? We have 8 days of MAP testing...

    1. I made a new post! Good luck with MAP testing!