Sunday, April 1, 2012

Camp Read-a-Lot

Our entire school does a mini-economy.  Students earn money and can lose money based on jobs, attitude, behavior, and effort.  This year the fifth grade teachers have added "incentive" parties for them to spend their money on at the end of each nine weeks.  This time we decided to do "Camp Read-a-Lot" where they read, or were read to all day!
It cost $200 for everyone to attend (mandatory).  Students could also purchase if they wanted: 
  • wear pajamas for the day
  • bring a pillow
  • bring a sleeping bag or blanket
  • wear slippers
We emailed our superintendent's office and invited him, plus all the assistant superintendents.  My sister happens to be the baseball/softball/women's soccer secretary at Purdue University, so I was able to ask Purdue athletes to come visit too!  Since we're fifth grade, we invited next year's middle school principals, and one sixth grade teacher.  It was fun!

Dr. Hanback - Tippecanoe School Corporation's Superintendent.  I asked him to read Yes Day!  He told the students if they did really well, he would give them a surprise.  They did, so he said they had the whole next week off!   My fifth graders were quick though, they responded, "That's Spring Break!" 

Kim Fox - TSC's Chief Financial Officer.  She read Crazy Like a Fox:  A Book of Similes.

Mindy Higgins - Mayflower's principal.  She read a Skippy Jon Jones book.

Lexy Moore - Purdue University Softball Player.  She is a freshman from Missouri and read a Mo Williams Pigeon book.

Karen Smith - Principal at Southwestern Middle School where 85% of my class will go.  She read a Lemony Snickett book.

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